Boosting new business ideas

NIHAK Business Services and our VAU!HAUTOMO incubator help startups build new business. 

Startup companies are young, growth-oriented companies that often emerge around an innovation. From the perspective of business services, refining a new and different business idea is different from traditional business sectors. 

–“There are considerably more issues to resolve. Determining the earning logic alone can be challenging, and getting funding isn’t always easy. We help with, among other things, working on the idea and obtaining external funding. At a later stage, angel investors or crowdfunding may get involved,” shares Marika Kumpula, Business Services manager at NIHAK. 

To serve startups, NIHAK has launched the VAU!HAUTOMO business incubator, which works closely with the municipal business service managers. In addition, external expert services can be acquired for new companies. 

–NIHAK employs nearly 20 people and has its own network of experts. The aim is always to build the best possible team around the business idea based on the company’s needs, which can help refine the idea into a business. 

In 2022, interest in VAU!HAUTOMO’s operations grew quickly, and at the moment, there are almost 50 participants. 

–There are a lot of fine, new entrepreneurs. Some dream of starting their first company and have an idea of what it could be. On the other hand, experienced entrepreneurs can also have new ideas. We have been able to help everyone,” says Project Manager Timo Liimatainen

VAU!HAUTOMO offers expert experience and insight into sparring a business idea. Advice for individual companies is an important activity, in addition to which we arrange joint coaching and sparring events. The incubator also provides support for presenting your startup idea in various competitions and investor events. 

-The entrepreneur is always first and the one who decides what to do. Often, however, you want a partner to talk with in confidence. The wilder and newer the idea, the more sparring is required. Ideas may also change a lot during development compared to the starting point, Liimatainen says. 

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