Circular economy

Circular economy

The competence of the Nivala-Haapajärvi district’s rotating economy has grown rapidly in recent years. Several business development projects in the area are underway. The latest survey has been carried out at the Haapajärvi biotechnology factory.

Recycling of alkaline batteries

Akkuser Oy has been involved in the crushing and distribution of batteries for more than 10 years. Tracegrow Oy has explored the utilization of alkaline batteries for about 5 years. Trace elements, zinc and manganese from alkaline batteries used by the company’s technology can be used to produce micronutrient products for agriculture and other industrial sectors. The first milling plant will be completed in Kärsämäki in the autumn of 2017.


Haapajärvi has a pilot plant at Eneferm Oy’s biogas plant in connection with JEDUN’s Biostudio project.