DEN builds ready-to-move-in homes and premises in Nivala – The wood and construction industry in the area also offers opportunities for new operators

DEN Finland Oy has established itself as one of Finland’s largest manufacturers of prefabricated wooden and log homes and multi-purpose facilities. The company’s brands are Designtalo, Ainoakoti, Finnlamelli, Talliosake, and its own building technology unit, DEN Tekniikka.

In 2021, almost 500 detached house elements were delivered from DEN’s factory in Nivala to locations all around Finland. Nivala also builds Talliosake (business premises, in which customers can buy a unit, or a share), which are exported to Sweden in addition to Finland. According to plant manager Ville Vähäsöyrinki, production is currently boosted by the popularity of detached house construction.

“The Covid time made people realize that teleworking can be combined with living in the countryside. As a result, the value of detached housing has clearly increased. But, on the other hand, the world situation right now is also raising doubts in production.”

According to plant manager Ville Vähäsöyrinki, production is currently boosted by the popularity of detached house construction.

The operating environment brings benefits

Production of elements in Nivala began in 2006, when Pohjolan Design-Talo Oy, the predecessor of DEN Finland Oy, relocated its production to the area.

When the location of the house factory was selected, Nivala’s central location was one of the key factors. Since then, the market has become increasingly concentrated in larger growth centers, but the benefits of Nivala continue to outweigh the drawbacks in general.

It is essential for the operation of the house factory that there is a wide range of industry in the business sector, from sawmills to window manufacturers and service companies in the industry. In addition to Nivala, the entire surrounding area and its corporate network form a significant concentration in the wood and construction industries. According to Vähäsöyrinki, there are still opportunities for new companies in the area.

“For example, there is demand for subcontracting in the carpentry industry. We have work for a manufacturer that produces smaller parts such as terrace railings, fences, or unique profiles. There have been similar manufacturing in the area in the past, but there is now room for more.”

Industrial park in a key position

DEN’s factory in Nivala employs about 50 people, and the entire Group employs a total of 550 people. The company currently has just under 6,000 square meters of heated hall space in the Nivala industrial park. Over the years, operations have grown, and at the end of 2017, the house factory doubled its production space.

“We needed to expand, and the industrial park was able to respond to the call on a tight schedule,” Vähäsöyrinki says.

Nivalan Teollisuuskylä Oy already played a key role when looking for a location for the house factory. According to Vähäsöyrinki, the operations of the industrial park conveyed the ability to seize the moment and genuinely listen to the company’s needs and schedule wishes.

“We still have open and good cooperation, and we review the situation regularly with the management of the industrial park.”

Education creates a foundation

The availability of labor was one of the key reasons for choosing the plant’s location. According to Vähäsöyrinki, the selection was a success, as the area has a very committed and able staff. It is the company’s most important asset.

“I feel that the atmosphere in the area is excellent and entrepreneur-friendly, and the traditional respect for work is strong here. Vocational training in the area is also essential. We work closely with the educational center JEDU and get students for internships from there. Many will stay here to work after graduation.

The company has prepared for labor shortages by strengthening cooperation with the vocational college and building a “hatchery” for new experts.

DEN’s factory in Nivala employs about 50 people, and the entire Group employs a total of 550 people.

Basic blocks for everyday life in order

When new employees are attracted from outside the locality and region, the key issues are comfort and satisfaction, land/lot availability, services, and leisure opportunities. All of these have been well taken care of in the municipalities in the area. In addition, the distances are relatively short, so the surrounding cities form a natural area of ​​commute.

Vähäsöyrinki himself has lived in Nivala since the factory was established. He especially appreciates the many sports opportunities and the serenity of nature.

“Things are well organized for a place of this size. Here you will find everything you need. The nearby villages have life, good schools, and recreational possibilities. That is what everyday life is made of.”

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