Education and research cooperation

Education and research cooperation

Research Cooperation

We are involved as a funding researcher and as a participant in several different research projects.

In our co-operation research:

  • University of Oulu (Kerttu Saalasti Instituutti)
  • Centria

Education Cooperation

We work together with our educational institutions, especially in entrepreneurship education.

We support entrepreneurship education by visiting schools, organizing theme days at our premises, and innovating learning-supporting events. Examples include: recruitment fair and corporate business competitions.
We arrange expert courses tailored to the needs of educational institutions (for example, the European Union) at either the institution’s premises or at our premises, and study visits to domestic and foreign destinations (eg EU institutions in Brussels).
In the design of training content, we provide schools with information on the needs of companies and participate in updating teachers’ professional skills in entrepreneurship-related areas.
As far as business advice is concerned, we operate on a “low threshold” principle. Our goal is to introduce ourselves among others. for students in vocational schools. After studying, it is easier to tell dignified business ideas. We promise to listen to the wildest business ideas!
Our partners in our schools:

  • Jedu
  • Centria
  • Highschools, high schools and colleges of our region

Education co-operation extends beyond educational institutions. In development projects, we make training content directly to companies and participate in third-sector training on young entrepreneurship education.