NIHAK Region

NIHAK Region main industries

  • Construction industry
  • Metal industry
  • Circular economy
  • Agriculture and forestry machinery

Construction industry

The Nivala-Haapajärvi region is a center of excellence in the construction product industry. It is made up of wooden house elements, log buildings, doors and windows, and concrete products. The industry has dozens of businesses and employs directly about a thousand people across the region. In addition, the area is employing some education and research in the area’s educational institutions.

Major projects and Finland’s overall growth in construction, employ regional companies and see significant growth opportunities. At the same time, construction is increasingly shifted from production lines to the production of finished building blocks and facilities. Industrial know-how, skilled workforce and a strong business base in the industry enable growth in the area.

Companies operating in the area include, for example, Best-Glass Oy, Design Talo Oy, Lujabetoni Oy, Tiivi Oy, Edux Oy, Hatrick Oy, Jiiri-Ikkunat Oy

Metal industry

The metal industry is the largest industry in the region. Industry companies in our region are mainly contract manufacturers of large multinational companies. Companies in our region manufacture products for example. electrical and energy technology, electronics, pharmaceuticals, machinery and equipment.

The metal fabrication companies in the region are renowned for their high quality, both in products and deliveries, and in international markets that require high competitiveness. Versatile regional entrepreneurship and networking, as well as close cooperation with universities, educational establishments and engineering companies guarantee the up-to-date technology of production technologies, the good recognition of market needs and the agile agility of changing market needs.

Circular economy

The competence of the Nivala-Haapajärvi district’s rotating economy has grown rapidly in recent years. Several business development projects in the area are underway. The latest survey has been carried out at the Haapajärvi biotechnology factory.

Recycling of alkaline batteries

Akkuser Oy has been involved in the crushing and distribution of batteries for more than 10 years. Tracegrow Oy has explored the utilization of alkaline batteries for about 5 years. Trace elements, zinc and manganese from alkaline batteries used by the company’s technology can be used to produce micronutrient products for agriculture and other industrial sectors. The first milling plant will be completed in Kärsämäki in the autumn of 2017.


Haapajärvi has a pilot plant at Eneferm Oy’s biogas plant in connection with JEDU’s Biostudio project.

Agriculture and forestry machinery

Demand for machine and equipment manufacturing in the region is based on agriculture, which is a traditionally strong and evolving area of expertise in the region. The products are mainly agricultural and forestry machines and their components. Examples of products include harrows, mulchers and yams, as well as grain, feed, dry and manure handling equipment. Enterprises are still small but very prosperous and internationally.

The largest company in the field is the hawaiian lake, the internationally established machine maker Maaselän Kone Oy. Haapajärvi is also owned by Paronkone Oy and another by Regon Ay, a sawmill maker. Reisjärvi’s strongly networked companies in the field include Ny-Tek Oy, a producer of litter and grain handling equipment, a manure removal and compost maker, Insinööritoimisto Rekitec Oy, and Reiskone Oy, which manufactures products for the building and agricultural needs.